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This website contains only company information. It is one of my existing supplier of previous job. She wanted me to create a website that the information of her company is able to view by her customers and all product information can be updated by herself. I introduced her the Joomla CMS system. she is happy with the solution and started to request more after she understood what she needs even she doesn't have any knowledge in website. So i helped her to complete all the product information and picture uploading.

About Acapella

ACAPELLA (formerly Gemini Fire Products) focuses on being customer-centric. The company’s vision of customer responsiveness is realized in providing services anywhere, at anytime, via employment of professional skills.

With our dedicated and qualified personnel, ACAPELLA’S presence stands out. Our staff's experience ranges from small-to large sized projects in the product and private sectors.

The company is continually developing and certifying its skill-sets in core technologies to strengthen its capabilities. We continue to engage in strategic alliances with world-class technology players. The company is also investing to provide the best level of support and services to customers
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如果你正在考虑网上开店,应该根据个人的实际情况,选择一种适合自己的经营方式。 网上开店的经营方式主要有以下三种: 1)网上开店与网下开店相结合的经营方式。此种网店因为有网下店铺的支持,在商品的价位、销售的技巧方面都更高一筹,也容易取得消费者的认可与信任。 2)全职经营网店。经...

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