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MyBeauteHouse.com 拥有著名来自台湾牛尔护肤品品牌。女人我最大推荐的产品。 Kevin 化妆品等等。。 全是以网站销售为准。并且网站显示的产品都是现货。顾客们,

单击 www.mybeautehouse.com 查看热卖中的化妆品

My first online store mybeautehouse.com was built by this system in year 2007. That moment I had no any programming skill, it was my first time to set up an online store. I used one month to complete the setup with some very basic designs. At the same time, i step by step enhances the basic system with customer loyalty point redeem solution. This website online store focus on selling cosmetic products that have a strong base in Taiwan market and targets Malaysian buyers. Starting from 2007, a lot of malaysian young women were seaching for cosmetic product mainly from Taiwan because of a popular Taiwanese TV beauty showed in Malaysia . They teach woman how to apply the cosmetics they sell to make themselves prettier and how to maintain the young looking skin. I felt that it was really good to start a onlie cosmetic website business. This website is currenlty still on business and we still get a lot of continuous support from our customers. 

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如果你正在考虑网上开店,应该根据个人的实际情况,选择一种适合自己的经营方式。 网上开店的经营方式主要有以下三种: 1)网上开店与网下开店相结合的经营方式。此种网店因为有网下店铺的支持,在商品的价位、销售的技巧方面都更高一筹,也容易取得消费者的认可与信任。 2)全职经营网店。经...

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