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eGHL Payment Gateway

This is another Payment Gateway I found in Malaysia Local Market. The information below are gotten from the eGHL

G-Direct for SMEs

G-Direct is a PCI-DSS compliant Internet payment solution designed for enabling small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to accept payments from online shoppers anytime, anywhere. With G-Direct, your online store can accept credit cards, real-time bank transfers (or direct debit) and e-money while enjoying value added services provided by eGHL including payment reconciliation and settlement, fraud prevention system, fraud monitoring and real-time reporting.
If your total annual e-commerce transactions is less than US$100,000 a year, G-Direct is the best Internet payment solution tailored for your business needs. If your annual transaction volume exceeds US$100,000, we have Bank-Direct Internet payment solution caters for merchants to process e-commerce transactions in large extent.

Real-Time Reporting

eGHL Merchants will be given access to the eGHL Merchant Administration portal for real-time reporting, including transaction reports, chargeback report, settlement history, etc.

Mobile Shopping Friendly

eGHL hosted payment page has been optimized for mobile shopping experience. The payment page will be automatically adjusted based on online shoppers’ device screen for easy browsing in mobile devices.

Fraud Prevention

Combating frauds is the top priority in eGHL. eGHL has a proprietary fraud prevention system built to help Merchants to avoid online fraudulent transactions. Fraud Filtering, Velocity Check, Blacklist Database, Fraud Screening, Cross Merchant Analysis and 3D-Secure (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode) are some of the key features in eGHL Fraud Prevention System.
In addition, eGHL also has a dedicated risk team to monitor Merchants’ transactions and will alert Merchants when a potential fraud discovered.

Comprehensive Payment Channels

By signing up eGHL G-Direct, your online store can offer the following payment options to online shoppers to pay for their purchases securely:
eGHL payment system is also connecting well-known local payment methods (i.e. direct debit / online banking, e-wallet) in more than 50 countries across Asia, North America, MENA, Oceania and Europe region, to enable Internet merchants sell globally but accepting payments locally. Please contact eGHL directly to the local payment methods overview.

Commercial Fees

Merchant's CountryFee*
One-time Processing FeeRM399.00
Yearly Maintenance FeeRM399.00
(1st year waived. Subsequent years will be waived if previous year's total processing value exceed RM6,000.00)
Transaction Fee
(ii)Direct Debit
Settlement FeeFree
Chargeback FeeRM3.00
Refund FeeFree but the refund only available for Visa and MasterCard transactions.
PhilippinesLaunching soon
ThailandLaunching soon
from eGHL

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