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What is the GST Impact for the Online Business ?

Many sellers are not clear about the Impact of the GST, some of them just think my item it just small amount for the transaction. No need to think about the 6% GST. But end of the day. They just notice actually the profit is less a lot compare to before GST. Why?

Please note that is some cost in your business. You must clear before you calculate your actual selling price and profit.

Here is the example for the Calculation before and after Malaysia 6% GST

Payment Gateway :
Customer to Merchant with 6% GST
MYR 100.00 Sale Amount
MYR 6.00 6% GST for the billing
MYR 106.00 Amount to Marchant Account 
Gateway  to Merchant with 6% GST
MYR 106.00 Sale Amount
MYR 3.18 3% processing fee
MYR 0.19 Gateway GST 6%
MYR 3.37 Total processing fee
MYR 102.63 Settlement Amount
MYR 6.00 Cash belong  GST 
MYR 96.63 Cash belong  to Marchant

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