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Shipping cost and shipping charge

How to I set my online store shipping fee? 

Most of the online store system can help you to set the shipping fee. Can depend on the weight or the number of time purchase. 

As per my advices, if the order shipped to local. Less than RM10 is reasonable charge. But make sure the delivery is fast and within 48 hour can reach to your customers.  If not. I no advices to charge the shipping fee. Because the longer time you use. The service provided by you is less value. 

The best strategy is to offer free shipping if the total amount the order is over the targeted sales per customer.  Example, free shipping after rm100 or rm150 in the total single billing. With this strategy, your target client will purchase more than usual order behavior. Because of the free shipping. 

The advantage of this strategy, you can faster to clear your stock and return the cash faster to ensure you're able to restock or replace new item faster tan other seller. Your customer will keep visiting your website to search the new available item to purchase. 

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