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What is Boxit ? Delivery & Shipping Solution

What is Boxit ? is the new Delivery & Shipping Solution for the eCommerce in the Market.
Please imagine how disappointment when the dispatch guy send the parcel when you went out for work and no one at home to receive it? After few attempt failed then you need to collect it at the post office and they only operate during working hours. or you need to rush after work and Jam in the worst traffic 1 ~ 2 hours to the courier office to pick up the parcel yourself.

A majority of the experienced this how inconvenience when we order things online. Sometimes it’s just not convenient to send it to your office and sometimes it’s just not the right time. But, you don’t need to worry about that now because we have a new solution in the market.

Boxit is the good perfect ideal drop off solution for consumers that are working or are not always at home. The service allows you to collect your parcel deliveries at any time; 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at convenient and secure locations.

Simply put, a Parcel Locker is an array of electronically controlled compartments connected to a control unit. The control unit communicates with a centralized server via an internet connection to manage and monitor the system. When a parcel is delivered to a locker, the system will notify the recipient of the arrival via SMS and/or email and will give the required information for the pickup procedure. The recipient needs only head to the Parcel Locker to retrieve your item at your convenience.

with the partnership with BOXiT, it allows you to get your online parcel right when and where you want it. It’s available 24/7 at most of the 7-Eleven nationwide. at the same time, If you are not satisfied with the item you purchase, you can always return it back to the parcel right there and then. for more information about the Boxit solution, you can click here to visit their official website for more details.

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