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MaybankPay Payment Channel

Maybank Pay

Here are the step and guide to enrolling MaybankPay 

  • Device : Andriod Phone Only ( Kit Kat 4.4 & Above and NFC)
  • Card: Maybank Visa Debit , Visa Credit & Visa Prepaid Card 
  • Email : Must Have a GMAIL account
  • Mobile Phone : Must be a registered mobile phone number with Maybank

      Step to enroll for MaybankPay
  1. Maybank will send the app link to your Gmail
  2. Click the link in your Gmail to download the Mobile App
  3. Enroll your Maybank Visa Card ( Selected Card ) 
  4. Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) and set your Mobile Passcode 
  5. Ready to Use

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